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Nov. 1st, 2015 11:37 am
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TANYUU KARIBUSA Mushishi BLURB hmd permissions/info visuals

lost carnival ryslig
LOST CARNIVAL Canon Point: Post-Canon active info ic contact thread tracker application
RYSLIG Canon Point: Post-Canon dropped changes ic contact thread tracker application
code by photosynthesis
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Backtagging: Go ahead!
Threadhopping: Sure, just preferably give me a warning beforehand.
Fourthwalling: If it's allowed in the setting, sure.
Offensive subjects: I don't have any triggers I know of.


Hugging this character: Sure, but she'll probably be a bit startled.
Kissing this character: Increase startlement go for it!
Flirting with this character: ?!?! Feel free, but she might side-eye you a bit.
Fighting with this character: Why would you punch a cripple. We can plot it out if needed, but Tanyuu is very much a pacifist.
Injure this character: Again, please plot it out with me first if it's a serious injury!
Killing this character: Unless there is a revival mechanic, I would like to avoid this.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go right ahead!
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FREQUENCY: 434.91394
DESCRIPTION: Unless Tanyuu is currently working on someone's makeup (you do not interrupt a task half-way through, that's just sloppy!) she will generally respond fairly promptly. Assuming Mari or one of the kids hasn't stolen the thing for a joke, of course.

LOCATION: Mailbox on door
DESCRIPTION: A simple wooden box with a slot at the top to drop letters into. Tanyuu checks for mail at the end of the day.
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CARNIVAL JOB: Makeup Artist
JOINED: That 60's Show
TRAILER: #13 (Weedhaus)

✧INHUMAN EYES: solid purple color, very hard to tell where she's looking
✧INHUMAN SKIN: light purple skin
✧INHUMAN HAIR: dark purple hair
✧CLAWS: white, about half an inch long
✧LONG EARS: basic elf ears, nothing fancy
✧SCALES: white scales on her hands and growing partway up her forearms
✧MOSS: growth across shoulders and all down her back and tail
✧FINS: small white and green fins along the length of her tail
✧ANTENNAE: two small ant-like antennae sprouting from her forehead, about a foot and a half in total length
✩MULTIPLE EYES: two extra pairs, one above her normal eyes and a much smaller pair below
✩GLOWING EYES: only able to be noticed in low light
✩GLOWING SCALES: an iridescent pattern like a boa's along her tail, faint enough to only be seen in low light
✩PLANT GROWTH: mountain god weeds growing in her hair and along her tail, as well as belldrop flowers on her head that glow and chime when she is in danger or distress and morning glories on her tail that do absolutely nothing
✩CRYSTAL GROWTH: small amethysts growing on her forearms, and larger ones among the plants and moss on her tail (also they glow in the dark too because why the fuck not I guess)
✵NAGA BODY: white scaled, about 25 feet long in total
✵GILLS: located along her ribcage

1ST CONTRACT: Paying off accidental debt
2ND CONTRACT: Complete sealing of Forbidden Mushi and severance from the Karibusa bloodline

PLAYER: CaityCat
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] gryphcat

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<USERNAME> First sentence of message.
<BANNED USER> SCREENED MESSAGE. UNSCREEN? Y/N -- sample for when you ban someone
<USERNAME> First sentence of message.
<USERNAME> First sentence of message.
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Tanyuu Karibusa | Arachne

1st changefour spider-like legs, can produce glowing gold silk, increased speed, ability to scale walls | 03/04/2016
2nd changeextra pair of arms, claws, fangs, mandibles, immune to poison/venom, increased meticulousness | 03/15/2016
3rd changesix extra eyes, night vision, tremor sense, venom, competitive nature, hunger and hunting instinct | 03/30/2016

coins current: 10 | spent: 0
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Nov. 21st, 2015 11:11 am
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Have any advice for how I'm playing? Please leave a comment! Anon is on and IP logging is off.
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