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OOC: [community profile] lostcarnival Info Page

CARNIVAL JOB: Makeup Artist
JOINED: That 60's Show
TRAILER: #13 (Weedhaus)

✧INHUMAN EYES: solid purple color, very hard to tell where she's looking
✧INHUMAN SKIN: light purple skin
✧INHUMAN HAIR: dark purple hair
✧CLAWS: white, about half an inch long
✧LONG EARS: basic elf ears, nothing fancy
✧SCALES: white scales on her hands and growing partway up her forearms
✧MOSS: growth across shoulders and all down her back and tail
✧FINS: small white and green fins along the length of her tail
✧ANTENNAE: two small ant-like antennae sprouting from her forehead, about a foot and a half in total length
✩MULTIPLE EYES: two extra pairs, one above her normal eyes and a much smaller pair below
✩GLOWING EYES: only able to be noticed in low light
✩GLOWING SCALES: an iridescent pattern like a boa's along her tail, faint enough to only be seen in low light
✩PLANT GROWTH: mountain god weeds growing in her hair and along her tail, as well as belldrop flowers on her head that glow and chime when she is in danger or distress and morning glories on her tail that do absolutely nothing
✩CRYSTAL GROWTH: small amethysts growing on her forearms, and larger ones among the plants and moss on her tail (also they glow in the dark too because why the fuck not I guess)
✵NAGA BODY: white scaled, about 25 feet long in total
✵GILLS: located along her ribcage

1ST CONTRACT: Paying off accidental debt
2ND CONTRACT: Complete sealing of Forbidden Mushi and severance from the Karibusa bloodline

PLAYER: CaityCat
CONTACT: [ profile] gryphcat

AGE 26
CANON Mushishi
OCCUPATION Makeup Artist
TRAILER #13 with Ginko



> kimono, hakama, haori, and sandals from home

> assortment of novelty t-shirts from Joker

> regal Atlantean clothing


> make-up and hairstyling supplies

> mushishi paraphernalia


> walkie-talkie

> smoking pipe from home

> too many plants

> crystal necklace

> ring of underwater flame


[ ] Daytime reference sheet (NSFW) by [ profile] omixgirl

[ ] Nighttime reference sheet (NSFW) by [ profile] omixgirl

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent ac tortor nulla. Vestibulum blandit ullamcorper pulvinar. Nunc sed purus at lectus aliquet mattis in et nibh. Mauris et sem eu felis auctor bibendum. Duis aliquam massa sed mattis convallis. Integer facilisis nibh commodo elit hendrerit, a posuere leo tempor. Ut nec ultrices augue, a vestibulum leo. Duis interdum ante mauris, iaculis fermentum arcu fermentum vitae. Curabitur ut augue eleifend augue scelerisque condimentum vel at ex. Morbi nibh quam, egestas vitae consectetur id, euismod a ligula. Nam vel arcu lectus. Cras ut dui est. Proin aliquet massa at laoreet fringilla. Proin pretium neque ipsum, et commodo purus varius ac.

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  • Common development of fangs and/or claws; slitted or inhuman eye features; long, pointed ears; patches of feathers, fur, moss, or scales growing into skin or hair; abnormal eye, hair, or skin color/texture; small fins on any sensible part of the body; small/medium antenna of any kind
  • Uncommon extra eyes, either magic based or physical; glowing skin and/or 'fairy' style sparkly aura/trail; plant growth in hair or along the skin; metal, stone, or gems covering/growing from parts of body
  • Rare taur body form: as in centaur, mermaid, naga, or similar; gills or other alternate breathing structures
  • Mental a preference for natural and wild things, in opposition to constructs like civilization and industry; an instinctive fear of iron
  • Minor Levitation Tanyuu is capable of using magic to lift, rotate, and manipulate objects from a distance. She can reach no farther than ten feet, but she does not have to see the object to affect it, only be aware of it. Anything up to five pounds is easily moved, and anything up to ten pounds requires concentration and effort. Her dexterity with this spell is not terribly high, so she cannot write or perform delicate tasks with it, but pouring a glass of water or keeping a small stack of books balanced is fine. She cannot grab fast-moving projectiles in this manner, so bullets and arrows are still a danger. Pillows, not so much.
  • Minor Plant Manipulation Tanyuu can use her magic to manipulate and speed the growth of plants. She is able to mend damaged (but not yet dead) plants, encourage them to grow at an accelerated rate, and to an extent direct the direction and shape of their growth. She cannot create plants out of nothing and must have at least a seed or cut shoot to work with, and she cannot keep plants alive in completely alien locations. She can't make plants move like limbs, nor will her plants be able to grow beyond what a very well cared for specimen might reach.
  • Trained Memory Tanyuu has trained herself to have an excellent memory for detail, having spent her whole life chronicling in detail the stories told to her by travelling mushi masters of their exploits. She also has an incredible ability at memorization of the written word; she knows every tome written by four generations of Scribes down to the very letter, a necessary skill as the mushi-infused characters will sometimes slip free and must be sealed back into paper in the proper order.
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