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[community profile] lostcarnival IC Contact

FREQUENCY: 434.91394
DESCRIPTION: Unless Tanyuu is currently working on someone's makeup (you do not interrupt a task half-way through, that's just sloppy!) she will generally respond fairly promptly. Assuming Mari or one of the kids hasn't stolen the thing for a joke, of course.

LOCATION: Mailbox on door
DESCRIPTION: A simple wooden box with a slot at the top to drop letters into. Tanyuu checks for mail at the end of the day.
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[Steven's been making seashell jewelry with the merfolk, and so naturally he's decided to share the wealth with his treasured friends. He'll either give it to you in person or via your mailbox. If in person, he'll pretty much just swim up to you and be like "Here! This is for you! I made it!" and if you get it in the mailbox it will have a note with it that basically says the same thing, plus a small doodle of a heart-shaped fish.

Steven has made Tanyuu a seashell necklace. (Just the necklace part of the pic, alas.) It will be gifted sometime during the off week.]
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[Yasss. Steven beams when he sees her reaction, his fins flaring out in the water. He messes with his hair.]

Well, the mermaids showed me how to make holes in the shells and stuff! They're so good at making jewelry, I think they do this all the time.
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Really? I totally would!

[Steven laughs in appreciation. When she ruffles his hair, several tiny, brightly coloured fish swim out of it in a hurry, circling in Steven's general vicinity in a sudden flurry of activity. Steven looks a little surprised, but not really.]

Oh geez, I didn't know you guys were still in there!
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October 5th, night (text)

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if u see any berries on the ground dont touch them or go near them or anything

and just be careful stuff is going on
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well one of them may have gotten another kidnapped by fae

speaking of which i'm gonna be at the sanctuary for a while
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yeah i'm definitely planning on being careful. some other people are looking into getting him back.

[People who will be much more effective at that than he would be.]

sans. hes an angel, i dont know if you know him
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ah yeah, that thing he does.

ok. thanks.

[It goes without saying that he understands that it's not likely that anything will come up. Torchlight could care less about what happens between angels and fae.]
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October 9th; phone call

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[After his texts following Sans' kidnapping, Ginko has basically been out of contact for the last few days. Now, though, he finally calls, with a sort of nervous strain to his voice and the rumble of passing cars in the background.]

Tanyuu, hey. Where are you?
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[Okay, good. She seems fine. That's good. He lets out a relieved breath before replying.]

I'm, uh-- well, right now I'm in my car. I... I had another run-in with the faeries, but-- I'm alright now.
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I'm... I'm not actually sure. [Which is, you know, kind of concerning.] But I'm not hurt or anything.
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[Why do people keep saying that? Ginko scowls at his phone for a moment before replying.]

Tanyuu, I'm fine. And I don't have time to come over right now, there's stuff I need to do. I can come by later, alright?
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I don't know, maybe making sure someone else didn't get grabbed, too!

[He realizes, a moment later, how harsh that came out. His tone when he speaks again still has a bit of an edge to it, but it's at least somewhat gentler.]

I can't just keep worrying about myself when there are other people who could've been dragged into it, Tanyuu.